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LED Stock Ticker's are one of the key factors in creating the university business environment. It is a medium through which live scrolling stocks, bonds, shares, CMEs etc. may really be seen. The ambiance is so lovely that you merely stick to a led stock ticker while viewing it. Tickerplay presents one of the industry's most seamless scrolling and streamings display. Differing in many alternatives and sizes may be tailored to your taste and budget standards.

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Led stock ticker streams near live stocks, RSS feed, Cryptocurrencies, commodities, major stocks indexes as Nasdaq, S&P 500, Dow Jones, etc. We can also add some unique material between live data feeds for urgent information or fun. We've installed over 1560 in North America at Stock Ticker Display alone, 250 in France, 150 in the UK and everywhere throughout the globe.

Led Stock Ticker Tape is very simple to install like hanging photo frame on a wall. We supply installation from our side to customised orders at the customer's place. On any surface our ticker bands can be used. Whether indoors or outside, we will accomplish it as priorities for any specific length you need. We follow our promise and always tailor your goods to your specifications.



led feed ticker

An Led news ticker tape is used mostly to display fresh business news, financial headlines, equities, banking and insurance and credit. We offer numerous models of a Led news ticker display to provide users with newest news and events that affect future commodity values of the market. We also offer a capability to add exciting logos, vital messages and announcements between the queues of financial facts. This makes it entertaining for viewers to watch news.

Our news tickers are credible, creative and design durable. These are used primarily in the U.S., Europe, the UK, Australia, Germany, France, and others. Led news ticker displays can be used for high-quality scrolling and streaming content in indoor or outdoor applications. The user can add, delete, and update the news quickly.

We've met our customers around the globe, especially in North America where we've set up over 450+ led news ticker displays with over 750 installation of led news ticker displays.

The Circular Led stock ticker is particularly used to display stocks ticker symbol, the latest prices, price fluctuation, and the change by percentage at the close of the last session. The circular ticker sign shows transaction details, security pricing information and constantly updates during the hours of trading.

Some colour coding technique are capable of showing the direction of changing stocks price such as Red colour to show price is going down, Green colour to show price up and neutral colour for no change in value. Tickerplay can make tickers as constricted with a diameter of 1.5 feet in circular, cylindrical and elliptical surfaces. With walls and ceiling mounts, the circular appearance of the ticker can either be indoors or outdoor of the circle.

Our comprehensive variety of Tickerplay displays is made in-house and our client-focused approach ensures the rapid development and delivery of new sign sizes to meet customer requirements still delivering longer guarantee terms than other vendors. The sign system is designed with the proprietary Windows based ticker software of Photonplay/Tickerplay, which is simple to use to show messages in a range of languages and styles of presentation.

angled ticker tape

Tickerplay can design the ticker to suit any architectural requirement, including specific angles, customised curves, straight and other custom shaped. The audience can readily observe whether the ticker designed by us is within corners, outside corners, custom angles etc. from any direction. If you share your layout or suggestion with us, you will be very welcome. Before placing the order, we will simulate the 3D representation in real time.

Ranging from the height of 4” to 36”, you can set any desired height you are in need of. Whether you need it in Straight ticker tape, L shape, Curved ticker tape, Flexible ticker display, Serpentine ticker tape display, C shape or even an O shape just let us know and our designers would suggest you the best among the lot. Ranging from sizes varying from 3 feet to thousands of linear feet, Photonplay’s led ticker tapes have engrossed the world with their charm and lifelike features. Our led stock ticker tapes can be accustomed anywhere be it your glass wall, doors, ceiling, any type of surface. You just name it and we’ll make it. Led ticker tapes are so easy to install that you can easily shift them to a new location without the help of ours. Giving out a warranty of 5 years and the life span of 20+ years, our tickers are best among the present in the industry.

Why choose Photonplay as your LED Ticker partner?

Affordable Variants

Longevity(upto 20 years)

Compatible with Real Time and Delayed Information

Customized Length Options

Scroll Equities, World Indicies, Commodities, Bonds, and Currencies on special exotic LED’s.

Easy payment options available

Best in class after sales support and customer service available 24/7

We do not ever compare ourselves with other ticker providers as we believe we are not among the lot. We have a legacy of our own with hundreds of clients and customers satisfied worldwide.

In just a short span, Photonplay has achieved immense popularity among the financial market for its ticker tape displays. We provide tailor made solutions for the full color led ticker tapes.

Even if you need assistance in building a trading room or a finance lab for your college, university kindly let us know as we have several of our vendors all spread across the globe who can provide you the complete solution starting from building the trading room to Audio Visual solutions.

Premium LED Stock Ticker:

If you are looking for something premium and with best resolution in the industry for the led tickers, you are at the right page. Our best in class pixel pitches include P 7.62mm, P 6mm and P 5mm which have highest resolution in the ticker tapes which are available in the market.

You can adjust the brightness, change the direction of the scroll and can also include your personalized features one needs. Photonplay premium category ticker tapes would make your facility a state-of-the-art in the whole area.

Coming with Satin Black finish cabinets, one can just feel the sublime robustness of our premium led tickers. It’s our guarantee, you’ll fell in love with our ticker tapes. Adding logos with custom personalized messages make the things more adorable. We have the in house research and development center for our software as well as the hardware. Photonplay engineers can deal in any type of integration required from the customer. We give solutions to your problems!



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