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led stock ticker

A large area or place for storing and displaying products related information for management purposes. Led tickers decorate the showrooms in the form of stock, sports and news tickers for years. The ambience of the showrooms and retail outlets is embellished. The inside design of the showrooms can be modified in any way as our tickers can be adjusted in every environment.

Installing ticker is very simple like hanging photo frame on the wall. Various showrooms throughout the world use our products. Tickerplay's tickers scroll more accurate information like news, stocks, customized messages such as live sales, happy hours, etc. Logos and graphics can also be shown by the user.

Led Ticker Display Solutions can give aesthetic value to the indoor and outdoor environment. The ticker tapes we use are light weight, easy to use, and energy efficient, making this a product that will last for 20 years. Yes, you read that correctly. In compared to other companies, Tickerplay provides the best in class warranty of 7 years, whereas others only provide it for 2-3 years. Tickerplay provide tickers that suit everyone's needs.

If you have a limited budget, we offer the ideal option in the Economical model, and for clients with a larger budget, we offer premium, elite, and luxurious models to select from, all of which are the best in the business and have great resolution. Any type of data feed can be integrated with our ticker tapes.

90deg angled ticker tape

Tickerplay also develop an architectural ticker that meets any special requirement, such as particular angles, customized curves, straight and other personalized shapes. The audience can easily see ticker, located from any direction in the corners, outside corners, unique angles etc. You will be extremely welcome if you share your layout or ideas with us. We will simulate the 3D display in real time before placing your order.

90deg angled ticker tape

We have ticker displays ranging in width from 2 feet to thousands of feet and 6.3 to 36 inches in height. You can choose whatever height you like. Let us know if you like straight tickers, L form, curved tickers, flexible tickers, C form, or O format, and our designers will recommed the ideal option for you. Circular, oval, and elliptical surfaces can be wrapped up to a 4-foot diameter using tickerplay. Wall and ceiling mounts can be placed inside or outside of a circle/curve.

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