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Tickerplay can help you solve your challenges. Our research and development team creates solutions that are unique to each client. If you're looking for custom projects, you've come to the correct place.

Tickerplay makes every effort to serve its customers and end clients with a full solution. We've done any form of integration you require with any interface, and our research and development staff keeps up with the latest technical advances.

Start your business out right with stunning scrolling and streaming led ticker tapes that will not only bring you more customers by acting as a marketing tool, but will also provide the viewer with a great sense of satisfaction while watching the led ticker tapes in action.

We can provide any form of display solution you require, including ticker tapes, video signage, and more. Use hundreds of ready-to-use software platforms with high hardware reliability to provide innovation and best practises to your company.

Tickerplay's Software and Solutions help brokerage businesses, investment firms, wealth management firms, management schools, business schools, and colleges better understand their customers' needs and address them quickly. Our dependable solutions will enable you to provide your consumers with the greatest and most up-to-date services in real time. With hundreds of delighted clients and numerous installations in diverse places, we have established a legacy of our own.

The following are the standard solutions offered by Tickerplay:

  • Straight/ Linear
  • Covering any two adjacent walls in a L shape (with 90 degree turns).
  • Covering any three adjacent walls in a C shape (with 90 degree turns or curved turns).
  • U-Shape (Curved Display) — Three walls are covered.
  • Covering all four walls in an O shape (with 90 degree turns or curved curves).
  • Any one-of-a-kind project you're working on

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