led ticker tapes


Custom Ticker shapes, Custom angles, custom circle and curves


Custom Ticker shapes, Custom angles, custom circle and curves

led stock ticker

Tickers that are flexible or curved are one-of-a-kind. We've done it all, whether it's a C curve, a U curve, or a serpentine. Our cabinets are crafted with such precision that they retain their suppleness while remaining sturdy and solid. Since our first installation, Tickerplay's shop has consisted of seamless tickers, with flexi-tickers being one of them. These are also known as ribbon ticker tapes, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We'll create custom solutions for any curved or flexible shape.

Led tickers, as they're known, are incredibly simple to set up, with interconnecting led modules that lie nicely on any curved surface. The form of the surface is taken into account by our flexible led ticker tapes. Tickerplay offers top-of-the-line led flexible tickers that are extremely lightweight and portable. These ticker tapes are completely engulfed in the most up-to-date led modules, which are a joy to see in operation, with their flexible yet sturdy chassis flashing brightly across the room.

90deg angled ticker tape

Tickerplay can design an architectural ticker to match any special needs, including particular angles, custom curves, straight lines, and other exotic designs. The ticker can be seen from any angle, including corners, outside corners, and uncommon angles, by the audience. We would appreciate it if you could share your design or ideas with us. We will simulate the 3D display in real time before you place your order.

90deg angled ticker tape

Curved led ticker tapes, as well as flexible and round ones, are available from Tickerplay. Simply give us with your CAD or shop drawings, or a snapped photo of the installation area, and our experts will assist you in any way possible. With live Stocks and Sports News, RSS News, one can scroll and watch live stocks, indexes, commodities, prices, and more.

circular led ticker tape

We have circular ticker display with a radius ranging from 2 feet to thousands of feet and height from 6.3 to 36 inch radius. You can choose any height you like. Please let us know, and our designers will recommend the finest solutions for you. We may also customise the ticker software to meet your specific requirements. Our software and technical team's researchers and developers are available to reply to any requests for a set amount of time. Tickerplay also offers a demo ticker for particular orders placed against a customer's official purchase order, allowing the client to test and confirm our capabilities as well as the demo model's requirements.



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