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Indoor Ticker Tape Display is an effective way to broadcast your message in indoor places, frequently


An effective way to broadcast your messages in indoor places.

led stock ticker

Led Ticker Tapes are widely utilised both indoors and outdoors. Indoor led tickers are available in a variety of sizes according on the resolution and viewing distance. Indoor led ticker displays can be installed in your business, house, school, galleries, or any other indoor surface. Inside tickers feature brilliant led’s advantageous for indoor atmosphere which you may change with our standard set of software suited for indoor led tickers. We provide custom made bespoke solutions for indoor led ticker tapes with over 300 installations and pleased customers. Because our led tickers are both mountable and hangable to every surface, they may be used on any indoor surface. Tickerplay's engineers are always ready to help and provide you with a flawless solution, whether it's 90 degree twists, curved surfaces, or even if you require any custom solution from us.

We are a major manufacturer, supplier, dealer, and exporter of Indoor Ticker Tape, with a broad selection of [size, shape, colour, and custom produced to customer specifications] for indoor use at low costs. Our Indoor Ticker Tape Display has been installed successfully in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Kuwait, Qatar, Africa, China, Colombia, India, New Zealand, and many other countries.

circular led ticker tape

The Led Circular Ticker is especially applied for displaying the stock ticker symbol, newest prices, price fluctuations and the percentage change at the end of the last session. The circular ticker sign reveals specifics of the transaction, information on securities prices and continual updates during trade hours.

Some colour coding techniques are available to indicates the direction the varying stock prices, such as red to price is decreasing, green to show price is increasing and neutral colour without altering value. In circular, elliptical and cylindrical surfaces, Tickerplay may construct tickers even restricted with a diameter of 1.5 feet. The circular shape of the ticker can be either inside or outside the circle, with walls and ceiling mounts.

90deg angled ticker tape

Tickerplay also develop an architectural ticker that meets any special requirement, such as particular angles, customized curves, straight and other personalized shapes. The audience can easily see ticker, located from any direction in the corners, outside corners, unique angles etc. You will be extremely welcome if you share your layout or ideas with us. We will simulate the 3D display in real time before placing your order.

Our wide range of Tickerplay displays are produced in-house and our customer-orientated strategy guarantees the quick development and delivery of new sign sizes, which nevertheless delivers longer warranty terms than other providers.

The sign system comes with the proprietary Photonplay/Tickerplay ticker software based on Windows, that is easy to display messages in a variety of languages and styles.



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