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Stay Updated With Latest News


Stay Updated With Latest News

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No one has time to watch the news on television or read the news in the newspaper in today's rat race environment. Tickerplay's Led News ticker or Led RSS ticker tape overcomes this issue. Our lighted RSS ticker tape can now keep you up to date wherever, at any time, by being installed at your workplace or at home. You can keep your visitors or employees entertained by keeping them up to date on current events across the world. Unless and until the RSS feed is openly available or you have permission from the web, you can broadcast it live on our ticker tape, whether it's sports, entertainment, technology, or anything else. You can also insert custom messages in between the news to display your own material. Our ticker tapes also show and scroll content with finer images and logos, as well as high-resolution content. Our built-in controller eliminates the need for a separate controller, as offered by other ticker vendors. Standard sizes are available for the led RSS ticker tape display, but if you have a unique design in mind, please contact us. We have numerous models to pick from depending on the working conditions, viewable distance, resolution, height, and other factors. Our RSS ticker tape may be installed anywhere on any surface, including newsrooms, outdoor installations, within your workplace, welcome areas, tradeshows, office galleries, and unique theme based installations. It's a delight to see our display with better resolution than our competitors, with content coming out of high density led's that are suitable for any kind of atmosphere and light.

90deg angled ticker tape

Tickerplay can create an architectural ticker to meet any unique requirements, such as specific angles, creative curves, straight lines, and other unusual patterns. The audience can see the ticker from any angle, including corners, outside corners, and unusual angles. If you could share your design or ideas with us, it would be fantastic. Before you place your order, we will simulate the 3D display in real time.

90deg angled ticker tape

Curved led ticker tapes, as well as flexible and round ones, are available from Tickerplay. Simply give us with your CAD or shop drawings, or a snapped photo of the installation area, and our experts will assist you in any way possible. With live Stocks and Sports News, RSS News, one can scroll and watch live stocks, indexes, commodities, prices, and more. Tickerplay has one of the smoothest scrolling systems in the business. If you have a custom order, our specialised project manager will be in charge of everything from sourcing to installation.

circular led ticker tape

We provide circular ticker displays with radiuses ranging from 2 to hundreds of feet and heights ranging from 6.3 to 36 inches. You are free to choose any height you want. Please let us know, and our designers will make recommendations for the best options. The ticker programe can also be customised to match your individual needs. For a specified period of time, our software and technical team's researchers and developers are available to respond to any queries. For specific orders filed against a customer's official purchase order, Tickerplay additionally provides a demo ticker, allowing the client to verify and confirm our capabilities as well as the demo model's requirements.



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