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Since last eight years, LED Stock Ticker tape display became most popular in universities, schools, colleges. If you are looking for a finance lab or a trading lab to be built in your schools, colleges or a universities. Then Tickerplay is the best platform to help you in designing an exquisite state of the art finance lab equipped with state of the art equipment.

It is a medium through which one can actually see live scrolling stocks, bonds, equities, CME’s, custom messages, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. The aura is so beautiful that one just gets glued while watching a led stock ticker in action.

Tickerplay offers one of the smoothest scrolls and streaming in the industry today. Varying in various options and custom sizes, can customize according to their taste and standards with respect to the budget.

We have installed more than 400 led stocks tickers only in the universities, colleges and schools of North America including complete makeover starting from the construction of the trading lab to the installation of ticker tape display. With free consultation, you can start off with a single day training onto which our consultant along with your faculty and students will share their prowess.



Tickerplay has various modern technology and have experience of 25 years of making a perfect shaped circular, oval, and elliptical surfaces led ticker tape display. We can make circular ticker as tight as 2.5 foot radius. The design of circular ticker display can be either inside or outside.

Tickerplay Circular led stock ticker displays not only enhances the beauty of the nearby surroundings but also creates a good sense of satisfaction and awe in the mind of the viewers. We use flexible module that can comply to almost all type of curvature, creating seamless scrolling stocks, RSS news, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, and custom text along with beautiful logos.

We have great resources and technologies that make circular ticker more robust design and reliable.

Everybody in this world want to see live information on their fingertips and to counter this perspective is nothing better to go with led ticker tapes from Tickerplay. Be it financial feeds, commodities, RSS feeds, your own content integration, live messages, stock feeds etc. We can customize of hardware as per your requirement.

If you are stock tickers lover and want to spread the beauty of your offices, meeting halls, shopping malls, any other organisations. Then you must prefer our inner circular ticker tape. We can make perfect shaped circular, oval, and elliptical surfaces led ticker display. Even we can make inner circular ticker as tight as 5 foot radius.

The sign system is programmed using Photonplay's proprietary, Windows based software which is simple to use and allows messages to be displayed in multiple languages and a wide variety of presentation styles.

Tickerplay do customize the circular ticker display to fit any architectural requirement including custom radius, custom circumference as per your need. Led circular ticker display is available in multiple heights such as 6.3 inches, 9.6 inches, 12.6 inches and 18.9 inches. Share your layout or idea with us we will simulate the real time depiction using 3D techniques before placing the order.

90deg angled ticker tape

We offer ticker display with the width from 2 feet to thousands of feet ranging from 6.3 to 36 inches. You can specify whatever height you like. whether you need it in straight ticker tape, L-shaped, curved ticker tape, flexible ticker display, C-shaped or even O-shaped ticker, let us know, and our designers will suggest you the best. Circular, oval and elliptical surfaces can be wrapped as close as 4-foot in diameter by tickerplay. Both wall and ceiling mounts can be installed on the inside or outside of a circle.



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