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A school is a place or an institution where students can learn, play, and be disciplined. Because of an increase in knowledge among teachers and students, business schools and high schools have been adopting led stock ticker tapes for their trading and finance labs over the past decade.

Led tickers are an excellent way to display a variety of data. If you are a student at a school or teach a business lesson there, you can purchase led ticker tapes from Tickerplay to create a Wall Street atmosphere. Live sports news, live stock information, RSS news, custom messages, and so on can all be streamed in.

We offer a variety of led ticker tapes with a variety of content options, as well as different types of cabinets in a variety of colours, ranging from straight to flexible to curved. Installing a led stock ticker at your school will assist students in becoming more knowledgeable about the financial market. By simply staring at the ticker tapes, students can pique their own interest. Custom scrolling messages or useful feeds can be displayed on led tickers, which can also be used as a zonal clock or timer.

Our ticker tapes are simple to set up and can be installed on any flat surface. High schools and business schools can also present visitors with informational or promotional materials in the lobby and reception areas.

90deg angled ticker tape

Tickerplay also develop an architectural ticker that meets any special requirement, such as particular angles, customized curves, straight and other personalized shapes. The audience can easily see ticker, located from any direction in the corners, outside corners, unique angles etc. You will be extremely welcome if you share your layout or ideas with us. We will simulate the 3D display in real time before placing your order.

90deg angled ticker tape

We have ticker displays ranging in width from 2 feet to thousands of feet and 6.3 to 36 inches in height. You can choose whatever height you like. Let us know if you like straight tickers, L form, curved tickers, flexible tickers, C form, or O format, and our designers will recommed the ideal option for you. Circular, oval, and elliptical surfaces can be wrapped up to a 4-foot diameter using tickerplay. Wall and ceiling mounts can be placed inside or outside of a circle/curve.

circular led ticker tape

Our circular led stock ticker tape not only enhances the beauty of the nearby surroundings but also creates a great sense of satisfaction and awe in the mind of the viewers. We utilize a versatile module that can adjust to practically any curvature, allowing us to create seamless scrolling data such as stocks, RSS news, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, and custom text, as well as gorgeous logos.

We have a variety of resources and technology that enable us to design a more durable and dependable circular ticker.



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